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Blog đã trở thành một hiện tượng xã hội và người làm thư viện cũng chẳng đứng ngoài cuộc. Nhiều blog của cán bộ thư viện đó đây trên toàn cầu đem đến cho người đọc nhiều chia sẻ, suy tư, kiến thức, kỹ năng nghề nghiệp mà có thể quý vị sẽ không tìm được trên giảng đường hoặc ngay trong kho kiến thức khổng lồ của thư viện quý vị. Bài viết giới thiệu một số blog như vậy.

  • LiS Interactive Webcasting
    Not blogs per se but podcasts (audio files you can listen to). From the
    site: “Welcome to LISRadio. This is a new and exciting series of
    interactive webcasts brought to you by the School of Information
    Science and Learning Technologies at the University of
    Missouri-Columbia. Our aim with these webcasts is to help in ’…creating
    and exploring the intersection of information and learning.’ We hope to
    present interesting and stimulating conversations with movers, shakers,
    and the odd gadfly or two in libraryland.”
  • Filipino Librarian
    Description: “For those interested in knowing more about the Philippines, Filipiniana, Philippine libraries and Filipino librarians.”
    It would be wrong of library students to drop out of their programs and
    simply read Vermonter Jessamyn West’s blog about creatively integrating
    techonology and a human-centered approach into library services. But it
    would be understandable. A great blog.
  • Library Technician
    An anonymous blogger talks about his experiences being a library
    technician, with his viewpoints about the profession, about libraries,
    about the job market for library techs, and about the relation of
    libraries to technology and service in general.
  • The Information Literacy Land of Confusion
    Librarian Michael Lorenzen from Mt. Pleasant, MI discusses information
    literacy, search engines, librarianship, library instruction, and user
    education. Rambling only to keep us awake, Lorenzen often posts very
    useful tools for librarians, e.g. the IllumiRate Directory.
  • oss4lib — Open Source Systems for Libraries
    Lists open source or free software designed for libraries and provides
    news about ongoing open source projects and related issues that could
    benefit libraries. Maintained by Dan Chudnov, staff programmer at
    Yale’s Center for Medical Informatics.
  • Information Research Weblog
    Description: The weblog for the e-journal Information Research
    whose purpose is to allow the journals readers to share news of
    publications, Web sites, or the like, related to information science,
    records management, librarianship.
  • -usr-lib-info || hacker-librarian haven
    An attempt to turn hackers into librarians and vice-versa. This
    collaborative blog encourages submissions that fit provided editorial
    guidelines. The blog’s post’s are usually pretty technical.
  • Beyond the Job
    A blog maintained and mainly contributed to by two reference
    librarians/professors in library and information science, Sarah Johnson
    and Rachel Singer Gordon. The blog provides tips, news, and notices for
    and regarding library jobs. These two bloggers also maintain other
    sites that provide listings of library jobs.
  • Information Literacy Weblog
    A blog from two UK professors, Sheila Webber and Stuart Boon, and one
    Scottish professor, Bill Johnston, its aim is to spread news and
    information about information literacy worldwide, and the blog seems to
    both spread the information worldwide and spread news from around the
    world (or at least from Europe and not just the U.S.).
  • LibraryLawBlog
    Mary Minow features fascinating library law news now and again so
    surfers interested in library law can commisserate or opinionate —
    maybe more. Alright, I’ll stop alliterating and being glib about a
    really great blog covering legal library and library-related legal
    news. (So I lied slightly; now I’ll stop.) Minow was a librarian before
    she went to law school, and now she tries to share pertinent knowledge
    she learned with librarians.
  • The Shifted Librarian
    You cannot judge a book by its cover or a blog by its lack of
    attractive graphic design elements. Jenny Levine’s blog on blogging,
    techonology, and libraries has so much Google juice that if you just
    type “Jenny” in Google–well, guess what pops up? Possibly sick of this
    fact by now, Levine was awestruck at the power of information
    superhighway rather early on (1992 or so) and has now devoted at least
    her blog to helping librarians become tech savvy.
  • Peter Scott’s Library Blog
    Another great, techie librarian sharing his knowledge of how librarians
    can use the internet to help patrons, Scott compiled the first
    hypertext index of the Internet resources, Hytlenet, first released in
    1991, and he maintains the following sites: Libdex, the libary index;
    Library Weblogs (by and for librarians); Publishers’ Catalogues;
    Weblogs Compendium, a site for blogging resources; and, a list of record label companies.

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