Các khóa học về ICT miễn phí dành cho cán bộ thư viện

This is a nine module program intended for people working in libraries and information centers. It is intended to provide these people with the ICT knowledge and skills then need to work with the application of ICTs in those libraries and info centers. It is also intended for students and teachers of library and information science. All the modules have a teachers guide and student texts. The program was developed by UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Office.

The nine modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to informationa nd communication technologies
Module 2: Introduction to library automation
Module 3: Inforamtion seeking in an electronic environment
Module 4: Creation and management of databases using CDS/ISIS
Module 5: The internet as an information resource
Module 6: Web page content and design: getting a web page up and running
Module 7: Library management and promotion
Module 8: Digital libraries and open access
Module 9: Intellectual property rights in the digital age

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